You piece of…

I liked Justin Trudeau’s outbreak yesterday. Besides finding it deeply funny, I can totally understand how the extremely ironic situation led him to boil over. I’ve never been a big fan of Trudau, what with the hate for his father that was bred into me as a sovereignist Quebecer as well as the very annoying bilingual commentaries published on his Web sites during previous elections (if you’ve never seen them, they’re worth it… unless you are perfectly bilingual there is no way to understand anything because he starts a sentence in one language and ends it in another).

Anyway, I don’t like the guy that much because he seems too syrupy to me, too perfect to be real, the nice, cute, politically correct guy with the perfect wife, the perfect children and his father’s voice. But yesterday he made me laugh. The situation in itself is so exasperating – how many ways can Harper’s Government find to piss off about everybody else in Parliament and almost everywhere else? I am truly sick of these guys and their contempt for Parliament, for the population, for the values that Canadians are supposed to hold dear – like the environment. I am sick of their love of big business at the expense of the health of future generations.

So I feel like for once, Trudeau got it right. He expressed the feelings of a large portion of the people in Canada. I just wish I could have done it myself.

Yeah, he swore – but I say worse, although thankfully not when talking about my family. Yeah, I would prefer my son doesn’t start saying that to his friends, but he doesn’t watch Question Period. And between adults who know very well that he’s right? It might not help with the lack of decorum in Parliament. But I think we’re past that. We have lost so much trust in our government that I’m not sure this will make it worse.

And it made me laugh. That’s a start!