A Perfect Day

They say that your priorities change when you have a baby… So did my concept of what constitutes a perfect day!

Last night Elliot slept for only 3 hours at first, but then he slept again for 2 hours and then another 2 hours, which means I slept almost 7 hours – definitely not bad at this point. I woke up before him so I had time to have a shower and prepare breakfast before he asked for his. Then he was in a good mood and we played Shake-A-Toy (he’s not able to grab toys yet, but if you put one in his hand he’ll shake it happily). After that, I gave him a bath and for the very first time, he didn’t cry at all in the bathtub!

I then decided to go do the errands I have been postponing since last week. Elliot fell asleep in the stroller and slept the whole way to the store, woke up there when I stopped rolling, but after a hug he went back in his stroller and right back to sleep. I came home after a one-hour walk exercised and energized, took the dog out for a piddle, took Elliot out of the stroller, put him in his bed, and he kept sleeping, which allowed me to prepare and eat lunch uninterrupted. Actually, he’s still sleeping!

I’m not sure what the afternoon holds for us, but from my morning I can already say that it has been a perfect day. Nothing special – just a happy baby that lets me do some things I want or need to do and sleeps well.

That’s all I’m asking for!