You stink!

My husband is allergic to perfumes. At first, I thought he was exaggerating when he complained about the smell of some laundry detergent or cleaning product. I was so used to those kinds of smells that I thought they were nice. I was almost sad to switch to a scent-free laundry soap, and I couldn’t understand why he made me wash my clothes again after a trip at some scented-laundry-using relatives’ house. But over the years, two things happened. First, his condition worsened, and now if he’s exposed to chemical perfumes for too long it can push him into what looks like a full-blown cold. No one who sees him could ignore the very real effects of perfumes on his body. Second, I got used to living scent-free and started developing a new awareness of and intolerance to perfumes.

I don’t have a physical reaction to perfumes. They just get on my nerves. After doing some research, I now understand that chemical perfumes are actually bad for your respiratory system. You can see it right away in people like my husband or like my cousin, whose asthma gets worse every time she cleans the house with scented products. In people like me, you don’t see the effects, but it doesn’t mean there ain’t any. Perfumes are irritants, so why use them? I now wish I could educate everyone to the fact that those store-bought smells do nothing for us, quite the opposite!

I have learned to appreciate the clean, fresh smell of scent-free laundry. I clean up with scent-free products. But it’s hard to avoid perfumes, and it’s amazing how strong they can be. Some days, my laundry has a smell just because someone else washed their clothes with stinky perfumy soap at the same time as I did my clothes in the laundry room, and my husband gets a physical reaction just by walking in front of the laundry room. I had to re-wash clothes several times when I don’t notice that someone has left a piece of scented fabric softener in the drier after doing their load. Some people wear so much perfume that our dog (or our baby) smell after being petted by them. And all that for what? What is the use of perfumes?

If there is any, let me know!