What a Week!

What a week it has been! After going to the doctor’s with Elliot on Tuesday, we thought the worse was behind us. He did sleep pretty well that night, although he threw up a feeding in a coughing fit, but then he drank again and kept his milk, so we didn’t worry. He had a low fever at night, but it subsided after some Tylenol and he had a pretty good day on Wednesday, followed by a pretty good night. His nose was runny, he was still coughing and he was quite cranky, but we got some well needed rest at night and we managed quite well.

Then Thursday morning I went out, as Elliot was happy again. Then in the afternoon he threw up every single thing he ate in coughing fit after coughing fit. He hadn’t kept anything down since the morning and I started being worried about dehydration. Fortunately, the medical clinic we go to has a doctor on call 24/7, so I got in touch with her and she told me what to do to prevent dehydration: give him water or milk, but only a few sips at a time, every 10 to 15 minutes, and keep him upright as much as possible. Of course, it was bed time…

Hence our second sleepless night. Zak and I took turns sitting with Elliot on the rocking chair with him sleeping propped up on us. He had a fever again that night, but he kept enough liquid to stay sufficiently hydrated. Friday, Zak stayed home for the second time of the week to help me cope with the situation since we had only had about 4 or 5 hours of sleep each. Poor baby! His nose was so stuffed up that he had trouble drinking from the breast and seemed to like the sippy cup better. Since we were still concerned about him staying hydrated, we gave him water and expressed milk from the cup.

In the afternoon, though, we realized that Elliot had not been at the breast the whole day. Try as we might, he kept refusing it. We managed to get him to have a few sips, but nothing more. Then bed time came and the routine won: he drank from the breast as usual, and again twice during the night. But Saturday morning, he stubbornly refused the breast again. Him who had never accepted to drink from a bottle would even take that over the breast! I spent the whole day worrying about that nursing strike, but then at night he took the breast again as if nothing had happened.

Today he drank at the breast a few times. He still refused it right away or after just a few sip several times, but he took it more than just at bed time, so I’m hoping the worse is behind us. His nose has cleared up quite a bit now, and although he’s still coughing, it’s not quite as bad. We discovered that he had a second tooth out, which means that he had two good reasons to be cranky. Oh, and after lunch he had quite the rash on his face, so we’re wondering if he has developed an allergy to squash. Talk about everything happening at the same time! But hopefully the rash was nothing, the teething pain will subside and the cold symptoms will disappear as fast as they came.

Ah! L’espoir il est vrai nous soulage et nous berce un temps notre ennui…