Of blogs and comments

I read a few blogs, among them those written by my brother and by two of my cousins. I enjoy them tremendously, they make me laugh (or cringe) and I never miss a post, but I rarely leave comments. I’m not sure why: is it pure laziness? Is it that half the time, someone else has already said essentially what I would have said? Is it because I would rather remain an anonymous voyeur than reveal my presence in their life? It is probably a bit of all that. And sometimes, I hesitate to talk about personal experiences that are similar to that expressed on a post because it seems too self-centered, it’s like bringing back to me something that was and (I feel) should have remained about the blogger.

Recently, I had a bad experience that certainly won’t do much to convince me to comment more. On one of my cousin’s blog, I expressed my fear that a diet she is following may not be the best health-wise. Another reader posted a rather unpleasant comment about how did I dare say something negative about this diet if I wasn’t even a doctor. My cousin (who is smarter than that commentator) did reply that she had no problem with people expressing – respectfully – an opinion contrary to hers. But it still left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

The irony, though, is that I love when people comment on my blog. Yet in the past few weeks, nobody has. Of course, I can’t blame you since I haven’t been very good about posting regularly and I’m not always very good either at replying to comments. But even though I know that some people are reading my posts (at least they tell me they are), a total silence makes it hard to believe.

I swear this post is not a way to beg for comments! I just thought it was interesting how I seem to need something that I am not always willing to give to others. Isn’t it always the case in life?