Urban poetry

Around the time that I went back to work, someone wrote a few lines with tape on the West sidewalk of Burrard Street, in front of Saint-Paul’s Hospital. It was written from South to North so that people going North could read the poem:

Have you heard
Do you know
Life is awesome
Tap the flow

I have no clue who did this, but I like it. It’s short and catchy. After a few days I knew it by heart, but I read it a few hundred more times. Not I really have it committed to memory. Which is good, because the letters are quickly fading. After six months and most of a winter, the tape is almost gone.

But I wanted to write those few lines down to make sure I would remember them. Because it’s true. Even though life sometimes sucks, it’s still better than the other possibility – death. Life can really be awesome, even if we all forget about it sometimes.

So thanks to whoever share their thoughts with the thousands of people who walk by this spot every morning and every night. It has become a part of my day and I will miss it when it’s completely gone.

Unless it is replaced by something else…

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