Urban poetry

Around the time that I went back to work, someone wrote a few lines with tape on the West sidewalk of Burrard Street, in front of Saint-Paul’s Hospital. It was written from South to North so that people going North could read the poem:

Have you heard
Do you know
Life is awesome
Tap the flow

I have no clue who did this, but I like it. It’s short and catchy. After a few days I knew it by heart, but I read it a few hundred more times. Not I really have it committed to memory. Which is good, because the letters are quickly fading. After six months and most of a winter, the tape is almost gone.

But I wanted to write those few lines down to make sure I would remember them. Because it’s true. Even though life sometimes sucks, it’s still better than the other possibility – death. Life can really be awesome, even if we all forget about it sometimes.

So thanks to whoever share their thoughts with the thousands of people who walk by this spot every morning and every night. It has become a part of my day and I will miss it when it’s completely gone.

Unless it is replaced by something else…

Let it snow

It took me a while to realize what my daughter was saying, partly because it didn’t sound much like the original and partly because Christmas is now a thing of the past. But regardless of the date on the calendar, Zak has been singing Let it Snow. I think he sings it year round.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since there’s no place to go

And my daughter chimes in:

Leio! Leio!

We should really tape some of that stuff before she grows out of it. A music lover like she is, who knows, maybe some day she’ll be a stinking rich recording artist and those videos will provide us with a large retirement fund.

Or maybe when we’re 80 we’ll be glad to watch those videos on the old, old laptop computer we’ll have kept way past when the technology changes to make sure we could watch those old 2-D, non HD “videos”. If you can still find a plug in those days.

Either way, it would be worth it.

Growing up

My son is growing up. I just noticed yesterday that he doesn’t say to-food anymore. He has learned that the proper word is tofu. I’ll miss it.

My friend was also telling me recently that her son has stopped saying “coote” instead of “cute” – as in “[my daughter] is the cootest baby in the world mama, I hope she never grows up so she’s always so coote”. Yeah, he has a bit of a crush on her. But he’s almost 6 and she’s 1. So they’re not allowed to date until she’s 18. – and she misses the cooteness too.

Anyway, all that to say that eating tofu last night made me realize how little time I have left before my son is all grown up and doesn’t say funny stuff anymore. I have to remember to write them down so I can savour them for years to come – and tell his future girlfriend.

Dinosaur porn

I probably shouldn’t write that post – God knows who’s going to end up on my blog after that searching for all sorts of crazy porn-related stuff! But it was funny. So here goes the story.

Yesterday morning, we were having muffins at breakfast when my daughter suddenly started roaring while moving her arms like a robot.

- You’re a dinosaur?, asked Zak.
She nodded.

- You’re a muffinosaurus, he responded. Then he tried to find a way to shorten it.
- You’re a muffosaurus.

I looked up from my muffin, trying not to laugh too openly…
- No, that one is not going to work, I said, and Zak stopped in his tracks.

But by then our son had picked up where we left off, oblivious to our unfortunate puns.

- She’s a fartosaurus (yup, he’s four!).  A spitosaurus. A sushisorus. A phallosaurus.

I looked up again. Zak was laughing.

It reminded me of that little application that made the rounds for a while: enter your name and find out your porn star name. Well, I don’t know about mine, but I just found two great porn names for dinosaurs: muffosaurus and phallosaurus. And it’s all the kids’ fault!