Tired child

We went to Stanley Park last night to take the Christmas train and see the Bright lights. We had a blast, and we stopped for a slice of pizza on the way home. It was pretty late by the time we put the kids to bed: 8:30. Of course, they didn’t wake up any later than usual, quite the contrary. My son was up about half an hour earlier than usual, and the first thing I heard from him was a whiny complaint:

- My pants were clean and now they’re not there anymore.

Yup, I grabbed their laundry when I put them to bed last night and apparently I also grabbed his pants which he claims were still clean. I patiently explained that he had other pants he could wear. To which he responded, in tears:

- But there was my snot cloth in my pocket!

My son was upset because the washcloth he had been using as a handkerchief had been put in the laundry… You think he was tired?

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