An update I would rather skip

I have been asked what has become of our child’s friend who is dying of cancer. Well, as you can imagine, the cancer is still progressing and the child has not been miraculously healed. I so which it could happen! I so wish I could pray to someone and believe it actually makes a difference…

I have not seen my friend or her child recently because they have been traveling, and then with the arrival of fall kids don’t play outside as much (it’s dark early, it’s wet and cold, not exactly the perfect situation for an ill child). But by all accounts of people who have seen them more recently than I have, things are not going well. The cancer has grown. The child is now barely able to walk and has lost the use of one eye. Language is long gone. And a permanent cough has appeared that seems to be caused by failing lungs and not by an infection.

I am not sure if I should wish for a prompt resolution, so that life in that family can go on (especially for the little brother who will soon turn 2 and who is being somewhat “neglected” in all of this – and I put “neglected” in quotes because I don’t want to assign blame, they are doing their best in the circumstances), or if I should hope for more time for the family to come to terms with the unavoidable end. Of course, my wish would not change anything anyway. Things will go on until the tumor kills all life in the body of that 5-year-old. And my guess is, after this year, Christmas for that family will  never be the same again.

I need a child to hug…

2 Responses to “An update I would rather skip”

  1. Kathryn Grace Says:

    Oh, and how that little boy must need some extra hugs right now, along with his mommy, daddy and sister. I hope you were able to share your extra hugs with them, and continue to do so. The loneliness during a fatal illness can be nearly as devastating for the family as the illness itself.

    I wish you all strength during this time of sorrow and passage.

  2. sophie Says:

    Thank you Kathryn, we are trying to be present for this family, but unfortunately both our little ones got sick so we can’t visit and take the risk to give a cold to this poor child. It’s also hard to find the balance between trying to help them and not wanting to intrude… Thanks for your warm thoughts!