My daughter’s progress

I just thought I should write a post about all that my daughter is now doing that seems amazing to a parent but will probably bore the hell out of anyone else.

Yesterday was really the first time that she ate with a spoon. Normally, we just put food on the table in front of her and she feeds herself with her hands. We tried plates or bowls, but she just threw them on the floor. We would sometimes use a fork or spoon to try and entice her to eat a few bites, but she would usually just throw it on the floor, too. So with just a bit of food in front of her at a time, she will still sweep it to the floor when she gets bored, but it’s not as much of a mess (yes, I do wash the floor underneath her chair every day, sometimes more than once). Last night, we were eating soup and she loved it! So we put some in a bowl and gave her the spoon and she was actually trying to feed herself. Really, she was just dipping the spoon in the bowl and then licking the tiny bit of mush that stuck to it (when I say soup, if you have ever had some here, you know I mean more like stew). But it is definite progress.

She has also discovered the fun of pretending to eat food. It started with play-doh waffles, but now when we are trying to spoon-feed her, she’ll grab the spoon, aim it at Zak and demand that he pretends to eat it. Then it’s my turn. Then our son’s. And only then will she sometimes put the spoon in her mouth. Or not. And she does all this while opening her mouth wide in the cutest of expression – I know, I need to show you a photo. I’ll try to do it tomorrow. She also pretends to eat food (especially when she doesn’t like dinner) making “mmm-mmm-mmm” sounds. Adorable!

Which is good, because she can also be a little devil. If you don’t do what she wants the minute she wants it, she starts screaming and collapses on the floor in a full-blown tantrum. At 14 months. She’s starting early, but maybe it means she’ll stop early as well? Usually, I am able to find it funny and just let her blow off some steam. She comes around relatively quickly. Except when she doesn’t. I mean, she’s awfully stubborn, but since most of our fights are when I’m not in a rush and I can wait her out, it’s not too bad for now. However, I do fear for the future. And when I’m trying to change her diaper and I have to physically pin her down because she only wants to get up, it’s not much fun.

We recently bought her some slippers to keep her feet warm inside, since with her socks she slips too much on the hard floor. She fell in love with them. When she wakes up, she finds them and brings them to me, pointing at her feet, so I can put them on. When she loses one, she makes it known – loudly. When I take them off to change her, she grabs them in her hands and if she drops one, she squirms until she can get it back. She would sleep with them if we let her. They are soft and fleecy and I have to admit I am slightly jealous! She does the same with her Halloween costume, which is a fleece with ears and a tail: she grabs it, brings it to us and requests to put it on, inside. It works well since it’s so drafty in our house!

She is lively and spunky, and despite the fact that she is already a “difficult” child, she is also obviously bright, happy and very affectionate, which compensates tremendously. There’s nothing like a big hug and a kiss when you didn’t expect them to make you forget about tantrums. All in all, she is, of course, wonderful and I can’t imagine our life without her. I mean, it would be much, much quieter. Maybe almost boring. And it would be missing something.

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