My daughter was up at 4:30 this morning. Well, to be fair, she also woke me up at 3:15, but that time we all went back to sleep quickly. At 4:30, though, we didn’t. We dozed off here and there, but after a few minutes of silence, she would go back to crying very, very loud. But it’s not just crying anymore: she can now talk a little bit. So in between the screams, I could hear the occasional “No! No!” as well as “Maman!”.

I have to let her cry. I cannot respond to her when she wakes up that early or I will not survive much longer. I already have trouble with the 6.5 to 7 hours of sleep a night I am getting. But it’s hard to let her cry, and even harder to ignore her when she’s calling out my name.

I gave up at 5:45. But it has been a short night. It seems like whenever I actually manage to go to sleep at a reasonable time, I end up waking earlier. I can never get more sleep.

On the bright side, my work day is supposed to be quieter today so nobody will notice if I walk aimlessly like a zombie. At least I hope so!

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