Winding down…

After four years, I am thinking of abandoning this blog.

When we created it at the end of July 2007, it was meant to be a common project for Zak and I. Trying to research green options before the birth of our son, we wanted a forum to talk about the choices we made, help people make more informed decisions and talk about remaining close to nature despite living in a city. The truth is, we lost sight of those goals pretty soon.

First, it quickly became obvious that blogging was my thing, not Zak’s. Out of 413 published posts, Zak has authored 7. Either he’s really too busy or he would just prefer to do something else with his spare time, I’m not sure. But I’m the one who posts, even though it’s not regular. And I found that what I talk about the most is my life and my kids. Not being wild in the city.

Which brings me to my second point: we haven’t remained very wild. Especially since the birth of our daughter, we haven’t been hiking much. We will go back to it now that she’s a bit older, but the truth is we’ve been somewhat overwhelmed and in survival mode for a bit. There is always someone who’s sick. We never sit down on the couch thinking we have finished all of our daily chores: we always leave something for the next day because there are just 24 hours in a day.

So although I have prioritize posting once in a while, Zak hasn’t. I wrote mostly in English so that Zak, his family and our English friends could read the blog. I wanted friends from afar to be able to keep in touch. But these days, judging by the few comments I get, the main readers of my blog speak French anyway. I know of only one person who reads the blog regularly and doesn’t speak French. So I sometimes feel silly to write in English for French-speaking people.

The main reason behind my change of heart, though, is simple: I miss writing in French. I recently participated in Radio-Canada’s short story contest, and although I have absolutely no illusions about anything coming out of it (since I wrote my story in an evening and never had time to edit it much after that), it made me want to write again. I wish I could write a novel, but I know it won’t happen. Not when the laundry basket is full, the dishes are piling up and my son just wet the bed again. What I know I can write in these conditions is blog posts. It’s not much, but I like it. And I want to do it in French.

So I will post here the link to my new blog when the time comes, and I will probably come back once in a while if there are subjects that just work better in English. But it might not happen, because I’m lazy. If I manage to update one blog it will already be a pretty good effort, let alone two. Or I might find that it’s too hard to talk about my daily life (which happens mostly in English) in French, and come back here. Only time will tell.

But I feel like it, so I’ll do it. And I’ll talk about whatever I please. Because it’s my space and it’s my pastime and that’s how I want it. There.

I have the nagging feeling that this is how my daughter would sound if she could express her thoughts…

4 Responses to “Winding down…”

  1. marie Says:

    j’ai eu très peur … ne plus pouvoir te lire serait si triste
    mais je réalise que c’est plutôt une bonne nouvelle
    j’ai hâte de te lire en français, j’aurai moins d’efforts à faire et je comprendrai tout
    à bientôt j’espère

  2. Mireille Says:

    Tu sais que toutes les aventures d’une «Mère indigne» ont d’abord été un blogue? Et c’est devenu un livre, puis une série web, et télé. Et l’auteur a laissé son emploi pour se consacrer à l’écriture. Elle vient de publier un nouveau livre sur un autre sujet. Alors ne te décourage pas, si ton rêve est d’écrire, je suis certaine que c’est possible. Ça va prendre plus de temps que si tu étais seule à la maison (avec comme revenu les millions gagnés à la loterie), mais tu peux le faire. L’auteur de Harry Potter n’était pas auteur de profession non plus. C’était sa passion depuis toute petite et un jour, comme ça, l’idée lui est venue et the rest is history comme on dit.

    Qui sait, peut-être que ton blogue en français sera le début d’un roman ou l’inspiration pour une série de nouvelles?

    J’ai très hâte de te lire en français, mais surtout, je garde espoir de tenir entre mes mains un livre signé de ta plume! Dédicacé en plus svp. ;)

  3. Wendy Tippett Says:

    I’d be really sorry if you quit writing(in English)–I have read yr blog right from the beginning and so enjoy catching up on yr lives.
    I dont read it from one months end to another and then I am thrilled to discover several entries.
    I think it’s been wonderful that you have taken the time that you have and that must be so short, to write of yr experiences.
    If you do decide to stop, well so be it, but you are an excellent writer, able to put yr feelings into words,keep on going for a while longer if you possibly can–what a record this is of yr lives.
    Thanks so much.

  4. sophie Says:

    Hello Wendy,

    I had no idea you were reading this blog… I am glad to know you enjoy it and it does make me reconsider. I really don’t know where I’m going, but we’ll see!