That lady I don’t know

Ever since I’ve gone back to work, every single morning on my way there, I have been crossing path with a lady I don’t know. It took a while before I started noticing this familiar face every morning. One day that I left later than usual, I saw her waiting at the door of a store close to my home, so I figured she works there. Most days I would cross path with here further up the street, and I could almost judge of how early or late I was depending on where I would see her. She was always on time.

I don’t know her. She probably never noticed me – but then again, maybe she has. I never smiled to her or tried to show that I recognized her, so maybe she did just the same.

Monday on my way back from work, I noticed signs on the windows of the store she works at. They moved to a different location. The building is going to be torn down to make room for more condos (’cause there ain’t enough in the downtown core).

I haven’t seen her since. I most likely won’t see her again. And strangely, it makes me sad. Even if I never talked to her or even acknowledged her existence. She was a familiar face I saw every morning. She wasn’t particularly pretty, neither young nor old, quite ordinary, really. Probably in her 40s. I imagine her as an old maid for some reason, but maybe she has a few children. A husband – or wife. Or a dog – I could definitely picture her with a dog.

I will never know, though. She’s just one of the thousands of people who crossed my path at one time or another in my life but who are not part of my circle. To me, she’s a face who disappeared, but she actually has a whole life of her own, a circle of her own. And there are billions of people like her who live their life without me knowing anything about them.  And after this post I will forget about her and never think again of the lady that I don’t know who is living her life somewhere else with other people I don’t know.

But I will miss her in the morning.

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