Science World Rocks!

We used to have a yearly membership to Science World, but we let it lapse. We hadn’t been in a long while because of the renovations going on – last time Zak had gone the construction smells made him sick. On Friday night, however, looking for activities to do on the weekend, I saw that a paleontologist would be on hand at Science World on Saturday to show fossils, etc. At breakfast, when we mentioned to our son that we were considering going to Science World to see an exhibit about dinosaurs, he exclaimed, unprompted, “You know what I want to be when I grow up, Maman? I want to be a pa-le-on-to-lo-gist.” So off to Science World we went.

It was still early when we arrived so it was not too busy, and we went straight to the Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit, which we had almost to ourselves. And it rocked! At first, our son was afraid of the life-size dinosaurs that moved and growled. He who loves “Team-Rexes” so much that he would probably trade his sister for one wouldn’t go anywhere near the T-Rex because he thought he would get eaten. I had to cajole him into stepping further into the exhibit, holding his hand every step of the way, while his dad and sister were happily going back and forth pushing buttons to make dinosaurs move. But he came around. Although he remained weary around the T-Rex, undoubtedly the central piece of the exhibit, he quite enjoyed the experience.

The dinosaurs are controlled by motion sensors and they do growl, so it can be surprising for young children, but once we made it clear that they would not move their feet, that they were not real (!?!) and that they would not eat him, our son was able to go through, albeit with sweaty palms. I was very proud of him for overcoming his fear, and it was worth it: the exhibit is really cool. There was even a fossil table where kids could brush off some fake sand to unearth fake fossils. After that we spent some time at the kids space, which our son enjoyed a lot. To our surprise, our baby was also really happy, walking around, picking up balls and throwing them in various apparatus. We stopped to chat with the paleontologist, we had snacks, and we left only because nap time was approaching.

But now that we have renewed our membership (and that winter is coming), we will be back for sure. We found room to park our bikes outside and our double stroller/bike trailer inside, the employees and volunteers were nice and dynamic… it was definitely a nice outing that was enjoyed by all.

And I was not paid or given any perks to provide this review of one of Vancouver’s main attraction… but it’s never too late!

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