My baby was sick. She started having diarrhea on Sunday and I was up at all hours of the night to change her. Monday she slept a lot and was out of sorts, but since it was Halloween we still wanted to celebrate a little. The next night was better, but I still woke up a few times. Yesterday, my girl was doing better and her fever was gone, but she was still tired. Then last night she slept straight through 4:30, but then cried until I gave up at 5:45. I was fine Monday and Tuesday at work, but today I am exhausted and I feel like I am just going through the motions. Let’s hope I get a really good night of sleep tonight or else I’m not sure I’ll be able to get up tomorrow!

We still had a grand time on Halloween. We trick-or-treated in the Coop, then since it was still early, we decided to venture out into the West End. I was amazed. It is mostly apartment buildings and condos, so I didn’t expect what I found. In Mole Hill and in the surrounding areas, where there are lots of houses (old, large houses divided in smaller apartments), there was a sea of people. So many kids that in some places we had trouble getting through the crowds. It was amazing.

My son enjoyed himself tremendously, my daughter was puzzled as to why she was outside in the dark and people were giving her stuff to put in a bag – although she trick-or-treated only in the beginning, then she was in a backpack half passed out. People thought she was a teddy bear, a raccoon, an ewok, even a cow – nobody understood that she was a cat. But she was cute, that’s the most important thing.

But I’m exhausted. Between the preparation of Halloween and now the lack of sleep, I can barely hold my eyes open. Wish me luck for tonight!

My baby girl as a cat-ish.










My son the astronaut with his bat-shark friend. Don't ask...












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