Another Happy Sunday

I was a little miffed on Sunday. My in-laws were home and Zak was going to shop with them – his dad needed a new Gore-Tex jacket, Arcteryx was having a warehouse sale, ’nuff said – but I was jealous. I would have liked to go with them, but someone needed to stay home with the baby. So I would have liked them to take my son, in order to have some peace and quiet. But he would have been a pain in the bum – he’s not a very good shopper.

Really, I had no right to complain. I mean, Zak is home with the two of them five days a week. True, I work during that time. It’s not exactly easy either. But I would be the first to admit that working outside the home is easier than being a stay-at-home parent. So it’s the least I can do to take care of my kids while Zak gets to frolic, once in a while. And he doesn’t do it often enough as it is. So anyway, I stayed home, but I was not overly happy with it.

Yet I had a great time! My son was sick and grumpy, he wanted to watch a video (which he often gets to do while the baby sleeps) so I put the Smurfs on. He was scared. I tried Curious George – the Movie, and lo and behold, he was scared too. Now, I know he hasn’t watched much TV, but that’s pretty tame stuff. Anyway, after cuddling together on the couch for a bit, we finally stopped the video and read a book. Then when the baby woke up we Skyped my mom. We had a snack. We went to the grocery store, and my son didn’t even whine about it.

We had fun! It was one of those simple, everyday moments that you usually appreciate only once they are gone. I want to enjoy them now. My son is growing so fast, next year he’ll already be in school, and not long after that, he’ll be graduating college. So my resolution for the day is to stop whining and cuddle on the couch with my son while I still can.

One Response to “Another Happy Sunday”

  1. Mireille Says:

    Je sais que ce n’était pas ça le but de ton intervention, mais… ton fils a peur des schtroumphs et de Curious Georges?????? Je suis perplexe!