There was a fire in our building yesterday! Luckily, the apartment was empty, the fire was quickly contained and put out so the sprinkler didn’t go off (which would have made more damage than the fire itself), someone had seen the smoke and called the firemen, who were there very quickly, and they used foam instead of water (which contained the damage). Finally, it happened during daytime while we were playing outside, so there was no mad rush to evacuate the building.

And I mean me rushing to evacuate, because most people dismissed the fire alarm and stayed put. Not me. I hate fires. They make my body go into full panic mode. Which I’m sure didn’t help with my baby’s behaviour: she was hungry because it delayed dinner, she was upset because I wouldn’t let her walk (trip) all over the hoses and play with the leaking foam, so she was generally crabby.

My son, on the other hand, was in heaven. He loves firemen. And they are always so nice! We went down to the street and the firemen left behind with the truck gave him a whole bunch of stickers. And after the firemen had left, the fire investigator, who stayed behind, chatted up my son and encouraged him to become a fire fighter.

Zak, as usual, was the one who saved the day: because he is the holder of the building’s master key, he was able to unlock the door prior to the firemen’s arrival. Another man went in, saw the flames, Zak ran to get him with an extinguisher, and the man – a brave visitor to the building – was able to contain the fire. That allowed them to verify the unit was empty and prevented said sprinkler to flood the three or four units taht

But here is a word of wisdom for you: do not buy extension cord at the dollar store. Replace them regularly, especially if they have become less pliable. And make sure they are not pinched, and not surrounded by flammables.

The end result could have been much worse. Life was good last night.

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