Thanksgiving Bliss

I had a lot of fun last night. We had friends over for dinner. So in the afternoon, I went to the grocery store with my son to pick up a few things we were missing for the meal. It was pouring rain, but we laughed the whole way. It was one of those rare moments when I was in no rush so there was no need to make him hurry (the baby was napping under Zak’s surveillance), I was relaxed, we goofed around, holding hands the whole way. Sure, so much goofing around ended up with my son falling and hurting himself, but I think we had enough fun before that to compensate.

Then after dinner, while we were all chatting around the table, the kids (my son and his 5-year-old friend) started a new game: running away from my baby. Because, you know, she’s SO threatening! So they would run from the playroom to the living room. Of course, she followed them, wanting to play with them. When she reached them (a few minutes later after wobbling across the whole first floor), they would scream bloody murder (because again, she’s so scary) and proceed to run back across the floor to the playroom, all the while laughing their heads off. They did that for about half an hour.

Sure, they were loud and we were having trouble hearing each other. But they were having fun. They didn’t destroy anything (they didn’t even make much of a mess), they didn’t fight (they are best friend, but my son loves pushing his friend’s buttons and his friend reacts quickly and intensely, which makes it intensely satisfying to tease him, hence their constant fighting). They tripped a few times but didn’t hurt themselves. We were able to have a rarely interrupted conversation. And even the baby was participating and enjoying the fun.

So a day late, I am thankful for my family, my friends and life in general. I am so lucky to have all of that – health, happiness, safety and enough money to not worry too much about being able to pay the bills. Sure, sometimes I envy the people who can travel, who own a house, etc. But I am aware that I am extremely privileged compared to 99,9% of the inhabitants of Earth. So thanks for everything – not to God, whom I don’t believe in, but thanks to luck and to my loved ones who put up with me even when I suck. I love you all!

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