Raising a toddler

There are hard things about raising a toddler (i.e., my daughter). At one, they can’t speak. So although they are very good at letting you know when they are not happy with something, they often lack the communications skills to tell you exactly what it is they want. This leads to frustration (on their part and yours) until they acquire enough language to clarify what their grunting and pointing was meant to say.

On the other hand, not much can rival the elation of arriving home and seeing your little pint-size child run straight into your arms with a big smile on their face and give you a big hug. That is the best part of my day, rendered possible by the fact that my child can now walk. I’ll try to bank a lot of those smiles and hugs for the times to come when I will feel a huge lack of love and gratitude. My daughter gives kisses sparingly, but when she feels like giving you one, it makes you feel special. I may not be the king of the world, but on those occasions I feel like the queen of my really small world. And it’s wonderful!

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