Good Karma

We participated in the Terry  Fox run yesterday morning. It was my son’s fifth participation – he just turned four, but his first participation was when he was only 6 weeks old. Granted, he didn’t walk in that one. But he walked a little bit when he was a year old, he biked most of the way on his run bike the year he was two, he ran most of the way last summer at three, and this year he ran and walked with one of his friend. Our daughter participated for the first time (I would have taken her last year, but she was two weeks old and it was pouring rain so I was not too sure how I would breastfeed her every 30 minutes in the rain) and we made her walk to the finish line.

I love doing the Terry Fox Run because it is collecting money for Cancer research. Not women’s cancer, not breast cancer, but all cancers. Because they all suck, they all kill people who should have lived much, much longer, and I hate them all. This year, of course, we had a very special thought for our friend’s child who is dying of a brain tumor. Our team gathered about $700; not that much, but I am fairly certain that most of this money would not have gone to cancer research had we not asked our friends to participate in our team. So I feel good about our contribution. And although it is too late to help our friends, it might make a difference for someone else’s child some day. I have to hope it does.

As it turns out, our good deed was rewarded since we ended up winning a prize in the draft. Our package includes two meals in French restaurants (go figure!), something like $150 at Le Crocodile and $100 at Provencale Marinaside. I am happy to give them some free publicity since they were nice enough to donate those prizes to the Terry Fox Run. And if we enjoy our meals there, I will certainly mention it again.

All in all, we had a great morning with friends, did some light exercise (biking there and back and a 3 km walk, not much but better than sitting on the couch), did it all for a wonderful cause and were rewarded on top of it. Thanks to everyone who donated, and thanks to the restaurants for the great time we are  sure to have! We will be there next year since this is a family tradition we have created and hold really dear to our hearts.

3 Responses to “Good Karma”

  1. Rob Says:

    I agree with you that good things come to those that do good for others. I was rewarded with a new car after I stayed home with my disabled brother for 3 years. He was disabled for brain surgery due to a brain tumor. He had brain cancer, so I know what it is like to want to help people with Cancer. I did it for 3 years. God blessed me with a new car after it was over.


  2. Mireille Says:

    J’ai fait la course Terry Fox deux fois lorsqu’on était à Vancouver et ce n’est que récemment que j’ai découvert que c’était probablement les deux premières années que ça existaient : j’ai vu un reportage sur Terry Fox et il est mort en juin 1981 et nous étions à Vancouver de septembre 1981 à juillet 1984. J’avoue que je ne savais pas trop ce que je faisais mais ça avait l’air important!

    Je suis d’accord avec toi : j’apprécie moi aussi que cette société ramasse des fonds pour la recherche sur le cancer en général. Ça me tape sur les nerfs qu’il y aie tant d’annonces et de levées de fond pour le cancer du sein, alors qu’on n’entend pas parler de d’autres formes de cancer qui sont parfois plus mortels ou en tout cas tout aussi dévastateurs!

  3. sophie Says:

    Oui, j’avoue que ce genre d’ultraféminisme moderne m’énerve souvent. Il y a certainement eu une période durant laquelle c’était important de soulever les enjeux touchant les femmes, peut-être que ces cancers étaient auparavant sous-financés, mais de nos jours je trouve que le balancier va souvent trop loin. Je n’ai pas envie qu’un de mes enfants, que ce soit mon fils ou ma fille, grandisse en pensant que sa vie ou ses problèmes comptent moins que ceux de l’autre sexe.