My rose has thorns

If my son had been a girl, we probably would have named her Zoe. With Rose as a middle name. We love the name Zoe. There was an ad on TV around that time, I think it was for a laundry detergent, and the mom talked about how sensitive her daughter Zoe was. That’s how I always imagined my daughter, should I have one. Kinda like me, shy, quiet, introspective, busy with her imaginary world. Zoe evoked those images to me. And so did Rose, an old-fashioned name that brings to mind flowers and fragility.

Then in the three following years, we saw Zoes everywhere. At Storytime at the library, at Play time at the Community Center, at the playground, on the street, but mostly in stories. It seemed that every book had a character named Zoe (when it wasn’t a dog). So we changed our mind. However, we still picked a name that evoked the same images to me. Because that is still how I imagined my daughter.

How wrong I was! Granted, she is only a year old and her personality might change or manifest itself differently as she gets older. But I get the feeling she won’t be a fragile flower. Let’s look at an example. We went to the playground on Saturday morning. She was standing at the base of a climbing structure and a bigger boy, about 3, wanted to go in front of her. Instead of asking (at which point I would have removed the baby to let him climb), he started pushing his way in. We tried not to burst into laughter when our daughter, protecting her position, grabbed a handful of the big boy’s bum. He looked over at her, obviously destabilized… She grabbed again, probably pulling or pinching. And the boy left. She stood her ground and won – over a 3-year-old. My daughter, who is barely one and about the size of a 6-month-old…

So yeah, here goes the fragile flower. She knows what she wants and requests it loudly. She is extremely determined. And it looks like she won’t let anyone steal her spot. Which could morph into awesome qualities as she gets older. She is also spunky and funny. So I’m not saying I don’t like her personality. I like it a lot. It makes her interesting and full of surprises.

It’s just not quite what I was expecting. My rose has thorns. I bet it will come in really handy to defend herself!

One Response to “My rose has thorns”

  1. Mireille Says:

    Ça a l’air d’être commun dans une famille de deux enfants que le 2e ait du caractère, gars ou fille. Quand c’est un gars, on a tendance à croire que c’est à cause du sexe, mais je ne crois pas que ça soit ça. Ça arrive trop souvent!