Unintended humour

My son and my daughter were having a bath together. My son was pouring water on his sister to rinse her, but asking first because I had disallowed pouring water on her head:

- Can I rinse her arm?
- Sure!
- Can I rinse her leg?
- Sure!
- Can I rinse her bum?
- Sure!
- Can I rinse her penis?
- Well, she doesn’t have a penis. Only boys have a penis.
- Can I rinse her testicles?
- She doesn’t have that either.
- Can I rinse her… thing?
- … Well, it’s called a vulva… and yes, you can pour water on it.
I’m coming out of the shower and my hair is wrapped in a towel. My son looks at me and says:

- You look like a taxi driver!

For those who haven’t had a chance to visit Vancouver… If in Montreal, lots of taxi drivers are Haitian, in Vancouver, they are Sikh. And it is not a towel they have on their hair. But it was still funny… and led to a crash course in why Sikhs wear a turban and how that fact is not linked to the fact that they are driving a taxi. But I can understand how he made the link!

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