Embarrassing situation

Our son had his first day of preschool this morning. He was super excited and happy as a clam to go back – actually, this past week, every time Zak scolded him, he mentioned how he was looking forward to going to preschool again. Go figure!

Anyway, it so happens that our preschool is in a church (although it has no religious affiliation whatsoever – it’s only a matter of space sharing) and Wednesdays are Food Bank days at the church. So people line up to get their share of food right next to the door where kids are waiting to get in. Which I guess is ok, I don’t mind explaining to my son that some people need help and that the church is helping them by providing food. But in the line was one of our neighbors, someone we know very well, someone who works but doesn’t make enough money to make ends meet – especially in Vancouver.

What do you say in a situation like that? I think Zak tried to avoid her, although knowing her I suspect he was way more embarrassed than she was. But it is sad to see that despite having a job, she has to go to the Food Bank to feed her son and herself. It makes me want to bake something for her, a very nice and generous person…

Now we’ll see if our son has noticed and what his reaction will be. That could be interesting!

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