Maman’s drawer…

Yesterday, while Zak was in the washroom, my daughter raided my underwear drawer. It does happen to be the drawer lowest to the ground (I’ll have to rethink that)! When I came home, she had spent most of the day lugging around a pair of panties that I own. Apparently, the color or the texture was just right, because when Zak took them away from her (he did veto taking them to the playground), she had a fit. Apparently, they make a great hat.

In the meantime, my son had followed suit, wanting to share the spotlight with his sister. He went to see Zak, asking “Can I wear Maman’s seins (breasts) holder?”. Yup. He wore my bra around the living room for a while – and we have photos to prove it. I’m sure it will come in handy during his teenage years for use as blackmail! That said, I am certain it is totally healthy and age appropriate for him to play drags,  but I was not overly pleased when I came home to see my underwear strewn about the living room.

Oh well… As Zak would say, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep ‘em quiet!

One Response to “Maman’s drawer…”

  1. Mireille Says:

    HAHAHA! Pour une fois, le raccourci LOL s’applique littéralement! Trop drôle!

    Je n’y avais jamais pensé, mais moi, mes sous-vêtements sont dans le premier tiroir du haut… quel bon choix!

    Je veux voir les photos (si ça ne te gène pas trop que je vois la couleur de tes brassières)! :D