The things kids say…

I was on Skype with my sister yesterday. We talked about the events of the last weeks, including our friend’s birthday party last weekend. My sister asked, tactfully, knowing that my son didn’t have the whole story, “is that the friend who is having some issues?”. Before I could respond, my son did: “My friend had cancer for their birthday.”

We then proceeded to explain that cancer is not a present and that it was not in any way linked to the birthday. But I guess it’s our bad: we did announce the cancer just after the party. I’m glad it came out then and not as a full-blown meltdown after his party today when he starts worrying that he’s also going to get a nasty present!

In the meantime, the friend in question will not make my son’s birthday party today because they are in the hospital. Not doing good. Things are progressing extremely fast and I’m not sure if I should consider that it’s for better (shortening the sufferings of everybody) or for worse (because the parents will have very little time to prepare for the end). Like my cousin said in the comments of a previous post, I think the parents need a little bit more time to love their child before accepting death. If you can ever accept it.

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