Daddy day care

So I am going back to work in just a few days now. I am totally fine with it. I love my work and I know exactly what to expect: everyone will be happy to see me since I will be getting work off their plate. My boss will tell me to take my time getting back into the saddle and to take it easy. I will start reading my 2000 emails. Then after about an hour, there will be a knock on my door and someone will say “I wanted to give you time to sort through your mail, but such and such is on holidays (or sick) and there is this work that really needs to be done today (or in 20 minutes), do you think you could do it?”. I will start working on it and there will be a few more knocks, and before I know it the work will be piling up on my desk as usual.

Zak, on the other hand, is facing the unknown. Home with two children. Of course he can do it. Of course he’ll be fine. But it’s scary. Especially in August, before our son goes back to preschool. There will be a lot of time spent at home because the baby needs a nap. And our son does not do well when confined at home. He needs an outlet for his energy.

I am not worried. They’ll figure it out. But there will be some stress in the beginning. The baby will want me and she can communicate her wants quite forcefully. Zak will get discouraged. I’ll be exhausted. But we’ll get through it. It’s just another step along the way, a chapter of our life that ends, another one that starts.

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