Smiles and tears

We had a great day yesterday. The surprise birthday party went down like a charm. When the birthday child arrived into the room and was frozen in place, seeing that about everyone they knew was there staring at them, my son went straight to them and gave them a kiss. Which was really darn cute. And then all the other 4- and 5-years old went over there too and the freezing in place was over. I love my son in those moments. He is empathetic. He is cute. He made everyone go “Aaaaaaah!” So did the bouncy castle, the popcorn machine and the cotton candy machine. There were balloons everywhere. A clown made awesome balloon creations for everyone. There was a face painter. It all worked like a charm.

But there was also a lot of sadness. Like when my son was saying “My friend is not much older than me. I’m 4 and they’re 5. When I’m 5, they’re going to be…” Yes, he finished his sentence with “6″. But in my head I finished it with “dead”. I couldn’t help it. I’m a sucker for punishment.

Like when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to the child at the party, twice – once when they arrived and once when the cake was lit up – and I was so, so worried that someone hadn’t received the memo and would continue the song with the traditional “and many more”. I know that everyone would have started bawling. I could see the catastrophe happen before it did. And it didn’t. I’m a sucker for punishment.

Like when the child was so exhausted at the end of the party that they spent a lot of time cuddling with a mutual friend (an adult), who upon returning the child to their mother started breaking down (I could hear her thoughts… “This could be the last time I get to cuddle with them.”) She held on and life went on. For now.

Like when I received the “I will cuddle in your arms for a while because I’m so tired” treatment a little bit later. Zak took a photo. I’m grateful for that. It was a sweet, sweet moment. But it was also really sad. That child is having trouble answering questions and speaks slowly, one word at a time. It makes me wonder how long we (they) have. I’m a sucker for punishment.

Like when at the dinner table we had a chance to explain to our son that his friend is sick and we ran with it. He asked about the death part. We answered more optimistically than the truth, but we mentioned the possibility of death. We had to. My son was not too phased, of course he doesn’t understand what it means yet. What it means for us is a lot of questions in the next few weeks, I bet.

What it means, kiddo, is that we’re going to spend a lot of time with that friend in the next few days before they leave for another place and most likely never come back. Okay? Okay! And please, please, ask US your question, not THEM. Please!

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  1. marie Says:

    on pourra voir des photos de cette fête? j’aimerais bien svp