My screeching baby

My little girl got her third tooth yesterday. But she also found her voice. Not yesterday, that happened over the last few weeks. But it is quite the screeching. She does it when she wants something she can’t reach. She’ll extend her hand towards it and screech. So it happens a lot at meal time, because she’s stuck in her high chair and can’t go get stuff herself. And she always wants something she doesn’t have: more food, some water, a fruit…

Worse is when she doesn’t get her way. If we say no to her, if we say she cannot have something once we obviously understood what she wanted. Then she starts crying in an obvious effort to manipulate us into changing our mind. This baby has a lot of determination! I get the feeling she’ll be a real handful. Oh well, we can deal with that. She’s funny and spunky and sweet. If she could only stop screaming so we can save our hearing!

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