First step!

My daughter took her first step. Well, sort of. To be fair, I am the only one who saw it and if I had blinked I would have missed it. It was more like a lounge followed by a crash.

Granted, she is only 10 months old. She is now able to stand up on her own for a few seconds – wait, make that most of a second. Then she collapses. But today was the first time that, while standing balanced by herself, she put a foot forward. Then she collapsed. But here it was. Her first step.

I would say she’s on track to be walking before her first birthday. Not that there is any rush. She can already get into so much trouble, I don’t even want to think of what it will be like when she can walk. Just yesterday, we were picking cherries and she was in her dad’s arms. While he was talking to someone, she managed to grab a cherry. When I turned around, all I could see was the stem of a cherry coming out of her mouth. She had a huge smile, and her shirt was covered in cherry juice (it still is, by the way).

You gotta love berry season!








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