Seven hours

My baby has been sleeping through the night consistently since she first did it three (or was it four?) days ago. She’s weird like that. Of course, I have been waking up every time she stirs, even though she’s in the other room now. But last night, either she didn’t stir or I slept through, but I didn’t open my eyes until 5:20. That was 7 hours of sleep. In a row. I don’t remember when that happened last, but it’s been a long while.

So I should be rested and happy, right? Not so much. I remember with my son thinking that if only I could get a full night of sleep I would feel so much better. The truth is, it doesn’t change anything. With my accumulated sleep deficit, it will be a while before I’m back to my old self even if there are no setbacks (and there always are). But it will happen. After all, I still have over a month before going back to work. By then, I should be able to make a complete sentence with the words in the right order and muster enough brain cells to keep my job.

In the meantime, I will enjoy going through that milestone for the last time. With a little luck, I will never again have a baby that wakes up at night. I mean, I will still have sleepless night caring for sick or nightmary children. But it will be once in a while, not every single night. I’m happy. Nostalgia has not kicked in yet.

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