I love my son. He’s funny and spunky and so incredibly smart. He has this amazing imagination and can make up stories about anything. He is also incredibly frustrating when he does really stupid things without realizing their consequences or when he has meltdowns at the worst times, but eh, he’s not quite four yet. And in general, he’s a really good kid.

Lately I have seen emerge the big brother in him, and I love it even more! Sure there is still the occasional bump along the road, like yesterday when he threw a book at his sister’s head. Granted, it was a fabric book about 2 inches square. It didn’t hurt her. Still, he was scolded for that one. But I digress. What I wanted to focus on is the emergence of play between the two siblings.

Some is annoying. Like when the big brother goofs at the dinner table to make his little sister giggle. It works, but then neither of them is eating and meals are already dragging on enough as it is. But you know how it is when you’re almost four and you discover that you have a very good public ready to laugh at your every funny expression. And most of it is really funny. Like when we go out the three of us with the baby in the stroller, my son will run ahead 50 meters, then turn around so he’s facing the upcoming stroller and make faces at the baby until I pretend I will crash on him. When we’re stopped at a grocery store, while I’m considering the respective virtues of two different brands of canned corn, my son is usually lying halfway in the stroller, on top of the baby, giving her hugs or tickling her. I’m always afraid he’s going to hurt her, but she’s always giggling. So I let him be. It makes strolling the baby easier.

The other day I turned around while in the bedroom to see my baby on her belly on the floor and my son, holding her by the back of her sleeper, dragging her back and forth. I was just about to scold him when I realized that the baby was laughing her head off. So I laughed, too. It’s nice to see the beginning of a healthy sibling relationship form. I’m sure they’ll want to kill each other more than once. But right now they hug and giggle. And I love it!

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