Back from Kelowna

I have been very quiet lately, mostly because we have been traveling. We had planned a very busy summer before we knew we were going to move, so that became the crazy factor that rendered all traveling plans crazier. But we were committed. So we went to Quebec for almost three weeks to visit my family and had a great time (I especially love seeing my kids interact with their cousins). Then we were back for a week of frantic unpacking (which included two trips to ikea, putting up six different pieces of furniture, and taking all of our food out of our boxes). Then we hit the road again, this time bound for Kelowna where Zak’s family has a small orchard.

My son had an amazing time there helping around the property. He found some working gloves that were almost not double the size of his hands and picked up some wood, helped his grandmother garden, helped thin the apple and pear crop and ate way too many marshmallows by the campfire. But now we’re back home, which means back to unpacking mode. Or at least trying to make sense of our space or what little is left of it.

In the meantime, my baby has grown like crazy. Not in size, mind you, but in abilities. She is definitely walking around holding on to furniture now, and she’s getting more sturdy on her feet. She started waving bye-bye a couple weeks ago, but now she obviously understands what the words bye-bye mean as she will wave when we ask her to. She is lightning fast when crawling, and she’s starting to play more games like peek-a-boo. When I was blowing up my son’s camping mat in Kelowna, she crawled to it and lied down on it, as to pretend she was sleeping. She is shy with strangers but quickly warms up, and she is quite simply a cutie pie.

Zak, the kids and Sherpa

My family

Here is a photo of the family that could have been: Zak, the kids and Sherpa, the dog we had to give to my in-laws because he was too nervous around our son. Well, he’s just the same with the baby: she loved him to bits and always crawled to him, but he hated to be the object of that attention and ended up growling at her a few times. He’s definitely not to be trusted around the kids, although he’s doing much better around our son now that he can throw balls.


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