Was that a first word I heard?

We just came back from a 3-week stay in Quebec. When we were at my Mom’s, there were some Duplos in a box that had a cat on it. Zak pointed it out to our daughter, who loves cats, and she started going to the box and touching the cat, repeating the same sound every time, something that sounds like “Krha”. Zak figured she was trying to say “cat”. I thought, she’s only 8 months, it has to be a simple coincidence.

But the next stop was my friends’ house in Quebec City where there is a cat, and the sound was repeated a lot at appropriate times. Then we came back, and as soon as she saw our cat, our baby said it again. So I’ll make it official. She said her first word. Funny enough, it’s the same first word our boy had, except that in his case, it was expressed as a hiss, which was the way we yelled at our cat when he was doing something he shouldn’t (which was often).

So here you have it. She’s eight and a half months old now, she can crawl, she pulls herself to standing, she waves bye-bye and she has said her first word. I don’t have a baby anymore!

But she’s darn cute!

Here is the cat that started the whole thing

Here is the cat that started the whole thing














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