Finally crawling

I’ve been meaning to post this for about a week, but life gets in the way these days. After more than a month and a half of doing the commando crawl, my baby has finally mastered the crawling on the knees. She had been taking a few steps this way for weeks, but she only now decided it was more efficient than reverting to crawling on her tummy. She is also much more stable now when sitting or standing up. She still needs furniture to hold on to when standing, but she rarely falls now, unlike in the beginning. She is even starting to cruise – taking a few tiny steps when standing up.

Of course, it might have been easier if she hadn’t spent the last three days drowning in her own mucus – coughing, then almost choking on what came up. She refused to eat any solids for two days (though thankfully she was still drinking so she stayed hydrated), but she seems to be back on track now. I avoided the trip to the ER that I was dreading. We were heading there Sunday night when she would do nothing but moan, but she suddenly decided to be happy again after a few hours, so we figured it could wait until morning, and then come morning she was much, much better.

So all is well, except that of course our boy is in need of attention since we spent it all on the baby. But that is another story!

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