The end of… spit up?

I have said before that every time my baby goes through a new stage, I grieve because I know it’s my last baby. I grieved the end of pregnancy. I grieved having a tiny newborn that will fall asleep anywhere (especially in your arms). I grieved having an exclusively breastfed baby. But now, here is one I won’t grieve: my baby has stopped spitting up!

Well, there is still the very rare yam-colored spit-up, which is not that wonderful, but it seems like we are done with the constant, puke every time you lie down, kinda spit-up. Or the one that always happens on your best clothes (well, a mom’s best clothes are not all that fancy, but you know), usually in a public place, and almost certainly when you have forgotten to bring a cloth to wipe it.

There has to be some good to compensate all the extra work involved in having a mobile baby that really, really wants to go eat the cables under the computer… But she’s so cute! Here are some photos to prove it.

Smily face

Yams are yummy!













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