Still lucky

I was woken up at midnight by my son. I went to the hallway to see him, whispering in the hope Zak and the baby would stay asleep.

-What is wrong?
- I’m all wet.

Great! He peed in bed. I can’t complain, really: it’s the first ever time he does that. We had a few wet beds from diapers leaking, and the odd throw-up. But this was my first full-blown pee in bed. Gosh, there’s a lot of pee in a preschooler’s bladder! Everything was soaked, from his pajamas to the waterproof mattress protector (best purchase ever: the mattress was bone dry) to his pillow and duvet. I had to clean him up a bit, remove everything from the bed (and throw it in the tub), dig a new mattress protector, fitted sheet and flat sheet, realize we don’t have another duvet but that – oh! miracle – the spare comforter has been temporarily stored in my son’s bedroom, and then, just as my son was going to break into tears because he wanted his duvet, I had one of my rare great parenting moments:

- That’s the comforter Grandpa and Grandma use when they’re here. You’ll be really warm and comfortable.

It worked! My son lied back in his toddler bed covered with the full size comforter, and went back to sleep. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I went back to bed but the noise woke up my daughter, who then proceeded to cry for a good half hour (because I refused to feed her again after only 2 hours from the last feed). She woke up again around 2, then made a peep around 3, and finally I fed her when she woke up at 4. So my longest stretch of sleep last night was from 4:30 to 6. I guess I must be getting used to it because I don’t even feel that tired. Or maybe it’s the tea and chocolate.

The irony of my story is that we spent a good part of the day, yesterday, buying a washer and dryer for our new apartment. Let me tell you, this morning the expense seemed even more justified and I can’t wait to have my own laundry in my very apartment.

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