April’s Fools!

I was never too fond of April’s Fools day because I lack a good imagination for pranks and, as a child especially, I was always the laughingstock. But I have to say I really enjoyed it this year. Not much happening: I didn’t check the news and I didn’t have anyone play a prank on me. What was great was the fallout of the prank WE played.

Zak and I, with one of our neighbours, publish a newsletter for our coop. It comes out every two months, around the first of the month. It should be the first, but we’re usually late so it’s often the first week. This month, though, we made sure it was distributed on the first of April, because it contained an article detailing how a chicken coop would soon be built in our building’s courtyard. Vancouver does allow people to raise backyard chicken, and there are some very green-minded people in our building, so several people actually believed it was true. Some got really upset (for fear of the noise, mess, etc. that would come with the chicken). Some thought it was a cool idea, but unfortunately we don’t have enough space to realize the idea in a legal fashion. In any way, it got a lot of people talking.

Our article stated that the motion to build the chicken coop would be put forward at the next General Meeting. When Zak had this awesome idea, we thought if people believed it, they would come to the meeting to try and vote it down, which they should do anyway (although only a minority of residents actually bother to show up), and we would all have a good laugh. Turns out that a few people spent a good deal of time researching the issue. I guess it was just plausible enough to be believable. We were a bit afraid of their reaction, but so far people seem to think it was all good, clean fun. Which it was.

Now, goats, on the other hand…. Just kidding.

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