Not dead yet…

I have been very absent these days on this blog. The problem is: we’re moving. And as much as I love living in a Coop, the truth of the matter is, if you want things done right in a coop, you kinda have to do them yourself. So Zak has been spending a lot of time organizing the moves involved in this 5 family shuffle, and that means less time for everything else. Including blogging. Or breathing.

We haven’t even really started packing yet.

But right now, my baby is sleeping so I can go back to my nap time ritual. Mine, not hers. When my son is here, I usually spend the baby’s nap time concentrating on him while I can. But when Zak and him are out, like today, nap time becomes Me time. I brew a nice cup of tea, I sit down to sip it while eating a piece of chocolate… and I blog, or read blogs, or browse the Internet to figure out what we need for our new place… You know, fun stuff. Because I can’t cook or do dishes while the baby is sleeping or else I would wake her up.

Sure, I am cooking a squash for her to try, as well as boiling some beans for tonight’s dinner. But I still get to sit down for a few minutes. And that is a rare and very appreciated thing.

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