Who wants to decorate my appartment?

As I said previously, we are moving, and we know that some things will have to be replaced. Most likely the counter-tops and cabinets, probably the flooring. We will have the opportunity to pick what we want within the choices made available by the coop. And then there’s the paint. But we don’t know what to pick!

I have never decorated anything. There are just so many possibilities! When I look at them, my head hurts. I need an interior decorator! In the meantime, Zak has spent countless hours recreating our future unit in a decoration software that allows you to view the place in 3D. Quite interesting to see what it will be like with the furniture we own. But we still have to figure what colors will look good together.

I’ll just go to bed. Maybe when I wake up someone will have decided in our place?

One Response to “Who wants to decorate my appartment?”

  1. Mireille Says:

    Laisse-moi encore quelques jours!;)