We’re moving!

We live in an awesome housing Coop which has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. We moved into a 2-bedroom place almost 7 years ago because there was only Zak and I, and the rule here is you cannot have more bedrooms than people. But we always knew that eventually we would need bigger. So as soon as I found out I was pregnant the first time, we put our name on the waiting list for a 3-bedroom apartment. I had my son. Then I got pregnant again. A few people moved, but our name was not at the top of the list yet. Zak started talking about repainting, but I kept thinking it was silly since we were going to move – soon. When we bought a dishwasher, one of the issues was, is it worth hooking up a built-in dishwasher if we’re going to move soon? When we needed something new and didn’t have room for it, we kept thinking oh well, it will be tight but we are moving soon. Well, it has been over 4 years now that we’re on that waiting list expecting to move soon. And finally, our turn has arrived!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that the kids can each have their room. The 3-bedroom apartments are strangely built, with two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs with a window on the alley. I wouldn’t want my son by himself in this bedroom on a different floor from us, and I couldn’t be on a different floor from my daughter because she’s still a baby and still needs me at night. So we are going to keep her with us, and when they’re ready to be together we will probably give them the big bedroom and take the small one. But when they’re older, they can each have their bedroom. In the meantime, we will make the third bedroom a play room/guest room, which means that when we have visitors they won’t have to sleep in the living room anymore. Even more exciting, the 3-bedroom apartments have a washer/dryer hookup, so I will be able to wash diapers in the comfort of my own home instead of running to the laundry room. If we’re lucky, we might even have room for a deep freezer. But we’ll see. Maybe there won’t be that much room.

In the meantime, we have to do a major cleanup here and throw away a whole bunch of stuff. We accumulate way too much. We don’t need all that. The problem is, every time one of us says “Do we really need that?”, the other one responds “Maybe not, but really, that’s not going to make it or break it.” And we don’t get rid of anything. This time, though, we’re really going to try. It will be an expensive enterprise because the place is a bit more expensive and since it’s on the first floor it will be much colder. Plus there’s all those appliances to buy, curtains, extra furniture, etc. We won’t be getting as much sun, which we will sorely miss. But in the long run it will be worth it. It will be nice when potty-training my daughter not to have to run to the fourth floor when we’re playing outside and she suddenly needs to go. It will be nice for our son to be able to go play outside by himself, soon, because he won’t need a key to the elevator cage to go back home. We will have a bigger deck, which means we might even be able to set up the table and chairs we have – which end up folded on our deck most of the time because we run out of room in the house and store our crap there. We will also have a parking stall in the back which, although we don’t have a car, will be handy for when we have guests or when we rent a car.

All in all, I think it’s going to be great. It will just be crazy for a few months between the move, the trips we are planning, the baby who will be crawling and cruising and who still doesn’t sleep through the night, etc. But it means it will be done before I go back to work. Finally!

And just to show you how not superstitious I am… I wrote this post a few days ago, before it was confirmed that we would be offered the unit. It looked very likely and I was confident. I didn’t publish it, but it was written. And we still got the place!

2 Responses to “We’re moving!”

  1. ta vieille mère Says:

    j’ai hâte de dormir dans ma nouvelle chambre (ha!ha!)
    quelle est la date du déménagement?

  2. sophie Says:

    Ça devrait être à la fin d’avril, mais la date exacte n’est pas certaine. Pas mal de travail et de stress pour les deux prochains mois, et on va s’ennuyer des beaux côtés de notre appart actuel… Mais on imagine que ça va être pour le mieux!