Record low in Vancouver!

Where else in Canada (you know, Canada, the country renowned for being north of the North Pole and colder than cold) would you see such a pitiful record low for February 25? I figure you wouldn’t believe it, so I decided to quote a newspaper:

“A record low temperature of -8 C was set in Vancouver at 7 a.m. Friday morning, breaking the previous low of -5.2 C set in 1993. With the wind chill factor, that felt more like -14 C.”

Oh no, not -8! We’re almost going to need a tuque!

Of course, it does feel cold when you’re used to 5 degrees being a normal temperature for winter and you have become so wussy that you wear a tuque by 12 degrees. And I’m sure the cherry trees, which were blooming, as well as the crocuses, the daffodils and the pussy willows, have all been quite surprised by the cold snap and the snow dump. Spring interrupted! We’re really happy we bought the kids some cold weather jackets when we had a cold snap in November (never thought we would use them that much). Really thankful, too, for the bunting bag my cousin gave me. It’s super practical in the stroller. True, it’s pink, and my stroller is red. Not fashionable at all! But we’re warm and it snowed, and the city is beautiful under the snow.

Unfortunately the temperature went up and today it’s raining. The snow will soon be gone – probably the last snow of the year. But we enjoyed it last night, and again this morning. And if we’re lucky, and if we stopped fucking up the global climate, it may even come back next year!

I still think we’re wussies!

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