Crawling already?

My daughter is only five and a half months, and she’s already on the move. I’m not sure you can really call it crawling yet. Well, it depends on the meaning you give to the word. In French, the word that translate crawling, “ramper”, applies perfectly: it’s the word you would use to describe the movement made by a snake. More like a military crawl. In English, the meaning of “crawling” when it comes to babies is what in French we call walking on all fours. She’s not doing that yet. She tries to put weight on her knees, but can’t go forward that way yet. But she’s pulling herself forward with her arms while lying on the ground. And she is doing it more and more efficiently, and faster every day.

That’s scary. My son started crawling at 7 months. It was early already – the range is about 6 to 10 months. I couldn’t keep going to mom and baby fitness classes because they’re for pre-mobile babies. Same with the nurse talks – some women could go with their 9-month-olds, but my son wouldn’t stay put past 7 months. Now I am facing pretty much the same thing with my five and a half month old daughter! I can tell she’s going to be exhausting. We have to start baby-proofing because she can now get into her brother’s toys – you know, the ones rated for 3 years plus because they’re choking hazards… And my son is finding it less funny now that she can get into his things. I know that it’s only the beginning: soon she’ll be pulling things off the side table onto her head. Then she’ll be able to stand up and reach even more stuff. Aarrgh!

It’s also going to be the beginning of some very fun time. Different games and interactions. Then toddling. Then the first words. A lot of excitement to come… I’m just not sure that I’m ready for it yet!

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  1. Mireille Says:

    Alors ton bébé «is slithering»? Je me suis amusé à regarder dans un dictionnaire anglais-français pour la traduction de «slither» et de «crawl» : slither est traduit comme onduler pour un serpent ou glisser pour une personne, et crawl comme marcher à 4 pattes pour un bb, ramper pour un insecte et se trainer pour une personne… Donc, tout dépend si tu considères Rose comme étant un insecte, un serpent, un bb ou une personne! C’est quand même bizarre qu’il n’y ait pas de mot pour ramper pour un bb- ne sont-ils pas à peu près les seuls à le faire en tant qu’humain? Et que penser du fait qu’un bb n’est pas une personne?????