Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ok, I know, it’s not Valentine’s Day just yet. But it was our son’s last preschool day before the big day, which means today was the Valentines exchange. How touching, his first Hallmark holiday. I may sound less than enthusiastic, but I have trouble finding it cute when the teacher provides a list of class names to make sure kids know who to address Valentines to, which means of course you HAVE to do Valentines for everyone, which makes them rather meaningless. We made the cards ourselves, although I did write the same message for everyone. Most of the cards our son received were purchased, although I was happily surprised to see that many were home-made.

Our big surprise of the day was the Valentine he brought back for Zak. I mean, we were not surprised that he made a Valentine for his parents, more that he addressed it to Zak. Usually, he’s all about me. I would have understood a Valentine to me or to both of us. But to Zak? I actually found it really cool. I’m not jealous at all – he shows his love for me often enough. But he tends to brush Zak aside, or get into pissing match with him for my attention. So this came as a very nice touch. And before you comment, I know that he didn’t write the Valentine himself: the teacher wrote it. But I doubt she is the one who suggested making a Valentine for his dad.

Two or three of the kids actually wrote their names themselves in the card. One of them even wrote ours son’s. I only managed to make him write his name in one card, but I have to admit it’s mostly because we remembered the cards at the last minute and we had to do everything at the same time. If I could have spread it over a few days he may have written a few more. He can do it when helped, but I can’t say he’s overly enthusiastic about writing letters. Because, of course, it’s hard. And he can’t do it perfectly. So like anything that he has to learn and put effort in, he doesn’t like it. Not for lack of being interested in letters: he keeps asking about this and that letter, and he spots “his” letter, the first letter of his name, everywhere. I suspect he’ll learn to read before he learns to write!

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day while I’m thinking about it!

3 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Anne Says:

    That thing you wrote “So like anything that he has to learn and put effort in, he doesn’t like it” fits my son so perfectly I could have written it myself. And I could add “won’t do it”. It’s funny when they’re three, but when they’re 16 or 17 and it’s about maths and chemistry, well, it can become a problem!

  2. ta vieille mère Says:

    bonne Saint-Valentin à toi aussi et à toute ta famille
    gros bisous xxxx

  3. sophie Says:

    Anne, I think there is a lot of that in our family… It’s already annoying at age 3 like, for instance, you buy him a nice expensive bike but he doesn’t want to ride it because it’s hard. Our bad, I guess. But we’re working on it specifically because we are afraid of how it will be at 16 or 17… Trying to think ahead!