Rolling all over

My baby has officially reached the stage where she wants to roll over all the time. Which means that when I put her to bed, I never know in which position I’ll find her next time I check up on her. She can rotate 270 degrees, or end up lying on her side or her tummy. Of course, when she rolls onto her tummy she gets frustrated. I remember that stage well with our son: I would go and help him, only to have to start over again 15 minutes later.

I have learned from my mistakes. With my daughter, if she rolls onto her tummy and doesn’t figure out how to get back on her back, too bad! She’ll stay on her tummy. I know she’ll be fine, and eventually she’ll learn (either to roll back or to like being on her tummy, I’m not sure, but she’ll learn). And she’s doing so much better than her brother in terms of sleeping! Granted, she’s not sleeping through the night anymore (I knew it wouldn’t last). But she falls asleep by herself most of the time, we are managing to put her to bed around 8 most nights, she stays in bed for at least 12 hours if not 13 (you gotta get your sleep in somehow when you won’t nap for more than 30 minutes during the day) and she’s easy to put back to bed at night.

Now if only our son didn’t wake us up! He has ditched his nighttime diaper, and although the diaper had been staying dry most nights without him having to wake up to go pee at night, now that he’s not wearing it anymore, he has to go pee at least once and sometimes two times a night. We can’t get mad at him, he’s learning and he hasn’t had an accident yet, but every time he gets up, it wakes me up. So I get situations like last night when the baby woke up at 11 and 1 am, then slept until 6:30, but my son woke up at 3:30, so I didn’t get the 5 hours of sleep in a row I could have had.

Oh well… I have no reason to complain. Everyone is happy and healthy (mostly) and things are getting better. Slowly. But better.

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