Roll over!

My daughter rolled over for the first time today – both ways the same day. Of course, Zak made her practice last night. He was trying to teach her how. It worked!

Since mothers always compare milestones, even those who pretend that they don’t care, I looked into my son’s baby book to see how they compared. My boy rolled from front to back at only 3 months, but from back to front at 4 months. My daughter just did both at 4 months.

I love seeing the differences between the two. Two human beings that came out of the same two people and are raised by the same two people, yet are very different. I know that you can never raise two children exactly the same way: circumstances change, making you more or less available to them, giving you more or less time to spend with them. Your patience changes, your financial situation changes. Even your values can change. Still, I won’t go back to the old nature vs nurture debate. It’s both. And I’m enjoying every little difference I’m discovering.

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