Santa speaks French!

You know that Santa you can write to, in Canada, by addressing your letter to the North Pole with the postal code HOH OHO? I used to write to him when I was a kid. I knew you could write to him in French because after all, Canada Post is a bilingual organization. So I thought it would be cool to do that with my son. He really enjoyed writing the letter, and he enjoyed even more getting an answer a few days ago!

I was wondering what we would receive back. Would it be a form letter? If not, would they have found someone here to write a letter in French, or would our letter have traveled to a place where more people speak French in order to be processed? So I was almost as anxious as our son to open the answer. It was a form letter, but with a personalized hand-written note from Mrs. Claus at the bottom. The short sentence made me think that it was done here by someone who spoke decent French, but not someone who lived in a French-speaking place. It was great, though, despite not being perfect from a grammatical point of view.

And hopefully when my son is older and starts realizing that people here don’t speak French, he’ll find it even more special that Santa speaks French. As long as he doesn’t start speaking French to the Santa at the mall. Mmm… There is a potential problem. Maybe I should reconsider that!

2 Responses to “Santa speaks French!”

  1. Mireille Says:

    Ben voyons, tout le monde sait que les Pères-Noël des centres d’achat ne sont pas le vrai : il est beaucoup trop occupé à cette période de l’année! Ce sont des représentants du Père-Noël qui vont dans les centres d’achat. Et eux ne parlent pas toutes les langues comme le Père Noël…

  2. sophie Says:

    Tu as bien raison… Pour l’instant mon fils ne s’est pas encore rendu compte que le Père Noël qui est venu à la Coop et celui du défilé ne se ressemblaient pas du tout. Mettons qu’ils n’avaient pas tous les deux le même budget!