Our camera had better be fixed!

About 6 months ago, we bought a new camera, an Olympus Pen EP-2. After a few months, we noticed that every once in a while, vertical lines appeared in one of our photos. But it was so few and far between that we didn’t worry too much. Except that eventually it got worse. The wrecked photos came closer together. Zak re-mounted the lens and it didn’t happen again for a while. Then it came back. Sometimes it was in light conditions, sometimes in low light. We couldn’t link it to anything specific.

In August, it got really bad. Every time we used the camera, we would get some wrecked photos. We had to turn off the camera and turn it back on to make it go away. The camera was still under warranty, so Zak inquired about getting it fixed. He was told to ship it for repair, but we were expecting our baby so we didn’t want to be without a camera. We asked Zak’s parents to bring back our old camera, which we had lent them. The baby was born, but the camera wasn’t acting up that much anymore, so the months passed. Finally, at the end of November, we figured we really should get it fixed. We shipped the camera.

Two weeks later, it came back. The repair slip said “Tested without failure”. Zak took about 20 photos and the lines were back. The service guys didn’t actually do anything! I guess they took a few photos, nothing happened, so they shipped it back. We were really pissed, especially since Zak took the trouble to send a DVD with tons of example wrecked photos and videos. Zak called and spent about half an hour on the phone with the technician, who was amazed when he saw the photos. He said to ship the camera back.

We were disappointed because at that point we were hoping they would send us a new one. But we had to ship it back. They said they would pay for shipping, but the fine line said they would pay up to $20. Of course, we wanted the camera back as soon as possible (what with Christmas fast approaching and all) so we paid for express shipping. Between the two shipments, we paid $100. Their $20 won’t go very far. We were not very happy customers. Now the camera was, in theory, shipped back to us today. This time, they replaced something, so hopefully it will work. But our son has his Christmas show with preschool tomorrow. So if we want a camera that takes video, we’ll have to rent one. That’s another fee to add to our repair bill.

So I can’t say we’re super happy with our Olympus experience so far. Our old camera was a Canon and we had it 5 years without any problem. This one didn’t make it to 6 months and the service was far from perfect.

Let’s just hope that the camera is here tomorrow and in good shape!

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