I’m so lucky…

My family doctor works out of a clinic adjacent to the Children’s Hospital. We actually have to go through the hospital to get to the clinic. And every time I go, it makes me sad.

There are children in wheelchairs, babies with IV drips, toddlers who can’t toddle. There is the ominous sign on one of the washroom: “Adolescent Change Table” (shudder)! All of this reminds me of how very lucky I am to have a – so far (cross your fingers, knock on wood) – healthy family.

While I go with my baby for her first immunizations, in the NICU some parents cry by their premature babies wondering if they will live through the night. While I take my son to check that he’s healthy and growing properly, in the cancer wards other parents sit next to their children wondering how many more days they have with them before they are taken away for good. While I wipe runny noses, other parents wipe tears down their faces as they receive bad news from their doctors.

As Christmas is approaching, I have a thought for all these parents who have lost the most precious thing of all – what makes them parents. I hope I’ll remain as lucky and I hope you all are, too!

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