My laughing baby….

The first laughter is a milestone I remember clearly from when my son was just a wee lad. I was alone with him the first time he laughed. He was reclining in the little baby chair we have and I was dancing to try and keep him entertained at the end of a long day, when he would usually get cranky. He laughed for the first time. When Zak came home from work and I told him, he was skeptical at first, but our son did it again for him. From that day on, it seems like my goal in life was to make my son laugh just to hear that sound one more time. I loved it! I guess it marked the beginning of more interaction. He wasn’t just a blob anymore: he had a sense of humor!

Now my daughter is laughing too… She actually started more than a week ago, when she was only 10 weeks old. According to our baby book, she started around the exact same day of the year as her big brother – but she was born 4 weeks later in the year. So yeah, she’s 4 weeks earlier than her brother – and a whole month is a lot when you’re only 2 1/2 months old! But don’t tell him, he wouldn’t like to know. This time, it’s Zak who heard the laughter first while I was not around. And I had trouble believing him until I heard her. And it makes me just as happy and giggly as it did when my son first laughed.

Laughter must be a trick invented by nature to make sure humans take good care of their young. I bet it triggers something in our brain that’s addictive so we try to reproduce it all the time. Now, I wish we could film it, but our camera is broken and went back to Olympus for repair. If they ship it back this week as promised, maybe I’ll be able to record a laughing baby for Christmas!

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