I need a dishwasher!

We used to have a small, countertop dishwasher. Not very big, but it fit most of our plates, all of our cutlery and most of our glasses, which are annoying to wash. Now it has leaked twice in the last week, so we have given up hope. It is on the deck awaiting recycling heaven. But we cannot live without a dishwasher. And we don’t really want to buy a new countertop one, because they cost $250, are noisy, take a very long time to wash your dishes, and we want to get a real dishwasher when we finally move to a bigger apartment (we are now next on the list). So we were wondering if we should just wait until we move. But that could still take months. And we really miss our dishwasher.

So we have decided to buy a real one. The kitchen is set up for it, we “just” need to remove a cabinet from the kitchen and store it somewhere else so it can be put back when we move out and take our dishwasher with us. Which also means we had to find room for the jars that were in that cabinet. They’re now in the pantry on the shelf where we previously had our linen. Makes sense, you’ll say, to have all the food together. But the linen… well, that’s more complicated. Right now, it’s on the couch awaiting a redistribution of our clutter. Have I mentioned we need a bigger apartment?

Now all that’s left (well, apart from drilling a hole between the sink compartment and the dishwasher compartment of the cabinet, but drilling holes is nothing but fun, isn’t it) is to pick a dishwasher. We want something relatively quiet because we have a small place (did I mention that already?). We are leaning toward Kenmore so far, but even then, they make like 200 different models.

Anyone have good or bad stories about dishwasher that could be useful?

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